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Tis the season for 2016 wedding mayhem! So, Ok by now we should be a dab hand at predicting trends and knowing instinctively what’s going to happen with wedding decor during the year ahead – so what will be hot in 2016?

This year has been flower mania – people ask us will it last? Well flowers and weddings always go together but there’s only so long that the influence of the Kardashians wedding will continue to hold. Another year and the flower wall may just become another distant memory for present brides and a fashion faux pas got future! Until then go for it, there’s lots of interesting twists to dress your floral fantasy wedding so it doesn’t just look like last year! We are already talking to so many brides about their events!

So what’s going to be new you ask and how can you make your event unique? It’s the million dollar question each year and what we beaver away like mad scientists developing! There’s lots of cool stuff – you just need to book a consultation with us!

2016 is going to be a super hot year for weddings! Even more so than 2015. We always get booked up so quickly as most people know that we don’t take on many events so if the trends continue, predictions are that most of our key dates will be fully booked by November this year! Picture Monica in Friends in the frenzy with other brides buying her wedding dress? Get the gist? You don’t want to be there! Get in early!

We’ve worked at so many cool places this year and with so many amazing people and suppliers! The best weddings have been where people have thought through and planned well! That doesn’t mean a hundred meetings with suppliers – it just means having the time and space to step back to make great selections – why sprint when you can jog to the finish line!

When it comes to suppliers and venues – the good ones get booked at a click of the finger and you’ll kick yourself for holding back! You’ve all heard the old adage; You Snooze You Lose! 2016 will be a scorcher for snapping up the industry top guns!

So what’s our advice if you’re getting married in a wedding heatwave? BOOK EARLY AND ENJOY TTE BREEZE, When great suppliers waft you with a fan and allow you to put your feet up – aaahhhh can you picture it? #blissfulweddindadvice Courtesy of Maz Events!