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The Psychology of Colour in Events

As Wedding stylists, we are often asked the question about what colour to use for an event. Whilst colour is about preference or may represent a your wedding dress or a favourite colour, we believe there is a lot more meaning to colour than being pleasing to the eye.
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A Night in Paris at IXL Centre

When it comes to wedding décor, our bride Raessah had seen it all! Maz Events had delivered 5 amazing events previously in the family. A crystal themed wedding, a pink themed wedding, a rustic themed wedding and a floral themed wedding. What could we do that was new? How could we create newness? How could we transform the IXL centre to the most magical wedding venue?
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Ways to Incorporate NATURE Into Your Wedding

Bringing nature into weddings have been a big favourite for a few years and many wedding themes have emerged incorporating natural, organic touches. They need not be bohemian and hippy. Incorporating natural elements to your wedding day can create incredible softness and romance in a very cool way.
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