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Reception Themes

If you are looking for event decor for receptions, we’ve been specialising in creating unique themes and products for wedding receptions for over 25 years which have transformed venues and created the most glamorous ambience for that ever important wedding reception – the finale of all weddings!

A reception should be about more than just centerpieces, top table décor and touches of floral work! Receptions are supposed to be great fun, so we will create a theme that stimulates all senses with colour, sounds of music, amazing theming and even smells from the exotic and mysterious lands that we are re-creating. Our expert designers and Asian wedding planners will help to deliver your vision and atmosphere to transport you to any decade, city or season you desire. From the roaring 20’s of a Great Gatsby themed reception to a Spring Blossom Themed wedding to an enchanted woodland themed reception.

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