As the wedding season opens, the Maz Events team has been inundated with calls for events over the next few months. Some help from the experts is at hand to feel less frantic and more in control;

  1. If you are getting married and haven’t booked an Events company –don’t wait! Good companies are now turning away work. We get booked up very quickly so we can plan your event smoothly.
  2. If you’ve booked your suppliers, whoever they may be – start to finalise plans so you can start to hand over responsibility to other people.
  3. Keep a pen and paper beside your bed – late night thoughts you can’t write down give restless nights!
  4. Keep a TO DO list and do pat yourself on the back when you achieve something! Get a highlighter and tick it off! YAY!
  5. Stay cool! It’s easy to blow things out of proportion when it’s your wedding – we know! Breathe and think about how you would handle a similar situation at work! Would you really have a crying tantrum at your manager! To avoid dramas, ensure you’re always booking a reputable supplier. It might cost more sometimes, but saving on tears is worth it!
  6. Enjoy it! You will never get these exciting moments back – Smile and laugh and wallow in the attention like a warm, comfortable duvet! AHHHHHH!